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5 simple steps for the powerful internet security

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Total Internet Security

In the present digital world, where everything going online;  it is very important to protect your computer from various threats and hackers. Such attackers are always trying to purloin an important data and information from your computer. These threats can also hamper your business as running successful business needs an internet connection to the outside world. A business can be exposed to a world of hackers and security problems.

It seems impossible to protect your system 100%, but with proper planning and rules, one can easily protect your computer. Such steps can be easily followed even the most novice users can apply it-

Software Updates

It is most vital hole through which any hackers can make a way to your computer. Nothing can harm your system as much as old and unethical software. So it is recommended to update the system software’s on a regular interval.

Install An Antivirus Product

Installing an antivirus is the best way to keep your PC safe and secure. It is often recommended to install and update an antivirus on a regular intervals. There are many free computer security software available on internet which you can use it for eliminating the lethal virus from the system. Although free antivirus becomes the most effective internet security software only for few days and after that you need another antivirus. Purchasing the best antivirus is one way solution. Spending the few bucks on your antivirus  can actually provide you the feeling of contentment and serenity when you go out without any worries of the system.

Install Firewall

The firewall acts as the role of network security. The firewall is of two types- Software firewall and Hardware firewall. Basically the firewall is the first step to caters security to the PC. It forms a barriers between your PC and any unauthorized program trying to enter your PC. It is always suggested to turn on the firewall as it alert you for any unauthorized access.

Use Complex And Secure Passwords

Using the complex and protected passwords to the system is an another way to prevent hackers to steal your important data’s. Always use a password which is 8-10 characters in length with a combination of numbers, lower case, upper case and special characters. Such as CompFire_5 or cOmpfire1#. Hackers has several tools and techniques by which they can break the passwords easily in less than a minutes.

Turn On Auto-Updates

Auto updates must be enabled in both your browsers and operating systems. This let you be informed when any upgraded version is released. Patched vulnerability is the most vital reason for a new version of any software. So if you continue using the software with an old unpatched vulnerability, your system are always at a high risk.

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