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How and why to choose the best antivirus for your PC

A computer has completely changed the picture of the world. It is playing an important role in almost every industries such as advertisement, animation, science, military, governance, education, medical and so on. Someone said- Where there is a god, there is devil. The referring devil is a virus- a tiny code that enters your pc without consent and damages everything. Also a simple virus is very dangerous as it will rapidly take all the space in memory and cease your PC.

Most of the individuals don’t use an antivirus to their system, may be they are not attentive about the consequence of virus or they don’t bother at all or even they are fed up of using the same antivirus again and again. They must know that an internet is surely not a secure place and even the non-tech person can take full use of it. They keep on downloading & surfing and thus making a way of malware into their system, which soon or later they become the victims of scam, hacking, data stealing, system slow and windows problems.

How and why to choose the best antivirus for your PC

There are many factors to be considered when you’re seeking the best antivirus solution for your needs- Right from the data security, internet identity, financial transaction; it all plays a vital decision when selecting the best antivirus.

You can easily choose the best antivirus for your PC by keeping the step narrow.

  • Start with PC Operating system
  • How you use your system- personal or business

When you decide how heavy you use your system, the third step would be to inspect the leading authorized and testing agencies for the antivirus scanners fare. These agencies include AV-Test, VB100%, Checkmark and ICSA Labs. Most of the decent antivirus should be listed by most of these agencies.

The fourth and final step is certainly detection because that’s the reason why you are buying PC antivirus to safeguard your system. Choose the antivirus software that are steadily offers the best detection and protection of your PC.

There are number of free virus protection software available in the market but only a few can deliver the complete protection as every computer is different and unique.

Cons of freebies antivirus:-

  • Caters a basic level of protection
  • Need to update it regularly against the latest virus.
  • Made for a single PC or may have to download and install again and again.
  • They rarely have parental controls and identity stealing protection features.

Let’s see what are the features that one needs to cogitate-

Comprehensive protection

The best antivirus must offer the complete and stable protection to the computer and networks. The antivirus should be able to check all the entry point that makes way for virus to the system such as FTP, e-mail, internet etc.

Protection Quality

With the advent of latest virus in online, it is very important to look for an antivirus which provide protection against modern virus. It is found that every month there are 6000 virus are created world-wide. So we must ponder on the efficiency of malware, frequency of updates, competency of virus removal,


The ideal antivirus software must have an easy and simply interface. Also they must not have any complex questions about updates, virus detection notification, firewall security etc that trouble user every time they open system.

Max secure antivirus plus is one of power-packed antivirus which offers comprehensive protection to the system with a trial period of 30 days. Max Antivirus Plus caters the protection without decelerating the operation of the system. To access its full version, one needs to buy it.

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