Max Folder Secure

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MAX Folder secure is a sophisticated and award winning security tool that let you lock/hide your files and folders. Safeguarding the files and folders through password is the best way to ensure the safety of the information.

There is always someone who intentionally or accidentally trying to steal your files and folders. MAX Folder recognizes it and thus takes the safety and security of the files simply to the advanced level. Whether you are at home or office, MAX Folder secure will keep your folder away from the snooping eyes of the malicious activity or programs.

The software is a feasible and easy to use for shielding the files and folders. It prevents unauthorized access to the user’s most important files and documents. The tool makes the folder completely vulnerable and inaccessible and brings the folder to the read mode.

MAX Folder secure is an ultimate protection provider to your system using its flexible and reliable security. The best feature of it is an ideal combination of data hiding and encryption. Locking the folder doesn’t mean the deletion of the folder, it merely makes them invisible i.e. – it cannot be removed, damaged or affected in anyways. The Folder secure not only prevents the outsiders from accessing the passwords-enabled folders but also prevents them illegal modification or unintended deletion. The software is efficient for user like local and network keeping your information away from attackers and hackers.

The tool hinders a way for various viruses like Trojan and worms. Through the tool one can easily hide files, folders or drives from all users like administration and network. It is a most sophisticated tool for the password protection of various files and folders. MAX Folder secure just needs a few click to look after your most confidentially and sensitive data. No one can able to access, read or write your folder without knowing the master key of the folder.

Its interface is good, clean and well-structure. It uses an encryption to prevent your folders. It can easily accessed by just launching and selecting the folder that you want to lock.

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