Max Internet Optimizer

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RAM often play an important role in the performance of the system. MAX internet optimizer is a crucial tool that frees the physical memory occupied by some inoperable programs to increase the overall PC performance. The tool is made to enhance the system performance by spontaneously recovering RAM to fine tuning system options.

Internet optimizer by MAX Secure is the most effective internet security software for the windows PC

MAX internet optimizer has a simple user interface making it easy to use and easy to handle. You can also schedule the functionality of the tool when the memory amount is lower to certain level of the total RAM available. It optimizes various internet related setting and lifts your internet for browsing as well as downloading.

The tool makes the data transfer rate faster. You will be amazed to see the boom in the speed of the system when you use MAX internet optimizer. It will boost your experience of reading e-mail, internet surfing, downloading images and running an application into the system.

Some known and unknown programs are always running in the background that takes your physical memory and thus affects the performance of the system. MAX internet optimizer aids by freeing and tuning the physical memory taken by some useless programs to boost your PC performance. It routinely checks, calculate and display the free, used and total RAM memory of the system.

Its interface is quite user-friendly and it can easily use by non-technical person also. The tool can be run easily on various operating systems such as XP, Vista, windows 7 & 8. The tool boosts the modem and browser speed and enhances your online experience. It can work efficiently during the system idle time and thereby minimizes the interruption during normal system use.

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Momentous feature of MAX Internet Optimizer

  • Easy to use interface
  • Set the web page priority
  • Re transmission of lost data
  • Avoid unnecessary storage of error page