Max PC Privacy

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MAX PC Privacy is a comprehensive tool for protecting confidentiality of your system. The tool removes all the internet traced files, hidden data from your hard-disk, thus making your PC faster and healthy.

The researchers have  found nobody likes being watched while working on the system. The computer itself is great watcher, who monitors every activity in your system. While browsing website, the system traces the nature and type of site that you visit, the image you viewed, file you read and many more. Such data stored in the system. It is quite possible that others might see your activity and all your private information. MAX PC Privacy is the tool that protects your privacy.

The tool can be used to clean all the offline and online activities. It is designed in such a manner that it can delete the system history, internet history, cache, cookies and registry data. The tool also provides the feature through which you can delete your preferred sites, username, e-mail, passwords, file and folders. It also cleans the cookies in which all the important data have been saved, therefore making your system safe and secure. The tool guarantees all your activities in system are erased and unrecoverable.

The tool reinstates valuable hard-drive space so that the performance of the system is augmented by cleaning all the junks and old temporary archives. The software is easy to install and very easy to use. It is compatible to almost every browser such as IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. The tool is an instinctive tool that makes easy for the system to deactivate the features that collects your personal data. The tool brings you to the next level of security and privacy. It is compatible with the number of operating system.


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Safe deletion

The tool has the advanced option of deleting the data safely and securely. This option prevents the unused disk space. All the junks on the drive such as cookies, cache, internet history, will be cleaned and becomes a brand new system.

Removal from boot

The tool will completely delete the files from the boot sector using 7 passes destruction scheme as per DOD std 7.

Haste the performance

It enhances the performance by wiping out all the online and offline activities. The tool boosts the speed of the system to the next level with its fertile technology.